Santa Ana Junk Removal

How Santa Ana Junk Removal Works

Junk and clutter is simply part of modern life in Santa Ana – and that’s perfectly ok! When it’s time to declutter, however, things can get challenging. What are you supposed to do with all your large items, such as refrigerators, TVs, mattresses, lawnmowers, and wood furniture? You can’t leave it at the curb and you don’t have the truck, the time, or the manpower to load everything up and take it to a disposal site.

Don’t worry – Junk Smiths will take care of everything! We have the trucks, equipment, manpower, and expertise to remove all sorts of junk from all over your property. Simply schedule an appointment with us and we’ll do the rest – just show us what to take!

Stuff We Take

Junk comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you live near the Santa Ana Zoo, the museums, downtown, or in the South Coast area, you could have anything from furniture and appliances to yard debris and garage junk.

That’s why Junk Smiths offers junk removal all over Santa Ana and the surrounding areas! We’ll clean out attics, backyards, whole houses, garages, businesses, and so much more!

How Much will this Cost?

We charge based on the amount of space your items take up in the back of our big, 16 cubic yard truck. There are no hidden or added fees and charges – just the rate we quote you for the items you show us! We’ll never raise the price on the items we quote, and our quotes are always free and require no commitment.

For a rough estimate or any questions, simply call us at 714-369-8886

How Quickly can you get this Done?

Ready to get that junk out of your way for good? We’ll make that happen within 24 hours! Simply call or click “Book Now” to schedule an appointment and we’ll be there when it’s convenient for you. We work around your schedule to make your junk removal experience as quick and convenient as possible!

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