Concrete Removal

Junk Smiths offers concrete removal services for all types of concrete surfaces. Whether it’s a sidewalk, patio, stairs, or something else entirely, we have the tools and know-how to get the job done.

Full Service, No Headaches

We'll be honest: concrete removal is really hard work. It's not just energy and time intensive, however - you'll need special tools and the expertise to use them safely and properly. Let Junk Smiths handle the job for you and skip the headache (and backache!).


Concrete is extremely heavy and varies widely in its composition and reinforcement. As a result, the cost of concrete removal varies widely from job to job. Generally, standard residential concrete removal costs about $5-$9 per square foot. Give us a call to set up a quote!

We'll Get There Fast

Just like with our junk removal and demolition services, Junk Smiths is proud to offer a rapid response time to your concrete removal needs. In fact, we can generally get a concrete job started within 2 days of your call. The length of time each job takes depends on the scale, location, and accessibility. Give us a call for details on your specific concrete removal needs!


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