Lose 50 Pounds This Month!

The Easy Way to Declutter and The Easiest Weight Loss Challenge Yet

Have you ever taken a peek in your garage or attic and thought, “where did all this stuff come from!?” You’re not alone. In the natural world, useful materials are scarce and hard to come by. It’s human nature to hang onto things we don’t use because we “might need them someday.” However, in our modern world of convenience and plenty, we’re never going to need that box of RCA cables. They’re simply not used any more. Junk removal activities are in order.

Still, it’s tough to fight our instincts. Even when we suspect or know that we aren’t going to use certain items again, it can still be difficult to get rid of them. Cardboard boxes, old electronics, office supplies, clothes, and sentimental items are all commonly put into “storage,” where they collect dust and take up unnecessary space. Unfortunately, even when we decide to clean out those storage areas, coming across old stuff can trigger positive memories and awaken feelings of nostalgia, prompting us to keep things we haven’t touched in years.

Fortunately, there is a simple strategy you can use to push past this instinct to keep old items and cut down on clutter. It’s called the 50 Pound Rule.

The 50 Pound Rule is extremely simple: every month, resolve to get rid of 50 pounds of stuff from your life. This might sound like a daunting task or a lot of weight, but consider this: many old CRT TVs weigh upwards of 200 pounds! Once you get into the swing of things, getting rid of 50 pounds of “junk” is a breeze.

Junk Removal Before and After

Getting rid of clutter can seem like a headache, but the results are well worth it. If you know you want to get rid of stuff but the task is overwhelming, give us a call. We specialize in stress-free, full-service junk removal.

How to Start Decluttering

The best place to begin is usually your closet. Begin by removing every article of clothing that’s hanging in your closet. This will change your thinking from “what should I get rid of?” to “what should I keep?”, helping you make the tough calls more readily. As you decide which items to keep, return them to your closet.

To begin, immediately rule out anything you haven’t worn in a year or more. You can keep and return anything that you love and wear with at least some frequency. Everything that’s left is the “middle ground” stuff – the clothes you’ll really need to decide on. With these items, start by getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit. Next, consider your style. You should depose anything you don’t feel confident wearing or that doesn’t fit your current style. At this point, if you’ve been truly honest with yourself, you should have a good idea of what stays and what goes.

Once you’ve cleaned out your closet, you may find that you’ve already gotten rid of 50 pounds – or more! If you haven’t, that’s perfectly fine, too. It’s time to move on to the attic or the garage. These two areas get notorious cluttering, and you’ll thank yourself for cleaning up space. Start by getting rid of any old electronics or electric equipment that no longer functions. Next, remove all the cardboard boxes and other items you’ve stowed for “future use” but have never used. Go through boxes of seasonal decorations, old tools, and even sentimental items that you don’t incorporate into your everyday life.

What Is the Junk?

Begin your junk removal process by sorting through your junk and placing everything into three piles: keep, junk, and “I don’t know.” Make sure you are very critical when you are going through this process. If you haven’t touched the item in a long time, then you probably won’t ever again, and you should place it in the junk pile. When you have finished this process, go back through and attack your “I don’t know” pile, sorting through everything.

Donate What Isn’t Junk

Donating what you don’t want is the easiest way to reduce your clutter, plus you are finding a new home for your things and keeping waste out of landfills. It’s a win-win. If you find that you are overwhelmed with the process, have too many boxes or bags for donation, or there are large furniture pieces, Junk Smiths Huntington Beach can help.

Junk Smiths will pick up and deliver your designed donation items, both large and small to local charities and resale stores in Huntington Beach.  Junk Smiths cares about the environment and does everything that they can to keep waste out of the landfills.

Sell What You Can

As you are working through your junk removal project, you will probably come across many items that you will be able to sell. You should try using sites like Craigslist, and OfferUp for local listings and larger items that you are not willing or able to ship. For smaller items, you could try selling things on a site like eBay.

Selling your stuff is always a viable option, if it is in good condition, or is a collection piece because it has the great benefit of putting money in your pocket and solves the issue of removing the clutter and junk from your space!

Get Junk Removal Services

Once you’ve figured out what you want to get rid of, you might realize a few things. First, some objects might be really heavy! Second, you might have more stuff than that will fit in your car. Third, you might realize you’re not sure where to take your items at all. That’s where we can help. Our full-service junk removal includes the removal of items from wherever they are on the property and safe, responsible donation or disposal! Give us a call today.

Finally, repeat the process every month! You’ll find that you often don’t want to stop once you hit 50 pounds – and that’s fantastic! Keep getting rid of clutter for as long as you want. You’ll be a lot lighter, feel a lot better, and have more space for the things you enjoy.

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