The Hidden Dangers of DIY Concrete Removal

Everything You Need to Consider Before Your Concrete Removal Project

If you need to remove concrete from your home, it is very tempting to go at it on your own. How difficult can it be to remove an old concrete slab, right? As simple as you might think this task is, you should be aware that it is actually not that simple. There are a lot risks and dangers associated with DIY concrete removal. Even if you have some handyman skills and you feel you can do the task yourself, it is best if you don’t.  We discourage doing concrete removal on your own, here are some of the dangers and risks associated with it:

The tools used for this can be dangerous

The tools commonly used to remove old concrete can include simple ones, like crowbars and sledgehammers, and complex ones, like jackhammers and chipping hammers. All of these come with some form of danger.

The more complex tools that are used for concrete removal presents you with a lot of danger. These can suddenly jump or kick-back, which can cause serious injuries. Even simple tools like the ones mentioned above can also bring about injuries if these slip.

Fumes and dust from concrete removal can be a health hazard 

You don’t really know what kind of materials have been added to the concrete slab that you are planning on removing. It can actually have dangerous chemicals and components in them, particularly if these were set in the late 40s to early 70s when the use of asbestos as a fire retardant was rampant. When the dust from these concrete slabs is released, you might be inadvertently exposing yourself to ailments that are serious and life-threatening.

Concrete can be more difficult to remove than you first imagine 

Some people mistakenly believe that the concrete slab they need to remove will be easy to handle. What might be perceived as a plain slab of cement and water may actually have other components in it. This can make it difficult to remove. Rebar, brisk ties, wire mesh, and even galvanized metal might be inside the concrete slab.

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The presence of these other components not only presents you with a challenge when it comes to removing the slabs. It also presents you with a real danger of serious injury, particularly with the things embedded in it.  Wire mesh and rebar that was used to add stability and durability to the slab can cause tools to recoil.

What is underneath the slab can also be dangerous

If you don’t really know what lies beneath the concrete slab that you are cutting through, you might find yourself in serious danger. Electrical cables, gas pipes, and water pipes might be running underneath the slab. When you cut through it without knowing what lies under it, you are in danger.  You are in danger of electrocution from wires that may be underneath it.  Or even open yourself to an explosion or fire if a gas pipe is there.

Contact a Concrete Removal Professional to Avoid Injuries

If you are thinking of removing an old concrete slab on your lawn, don’t try it the DIY way. It is best if you contact a professional for this particular task. If not for your safety, do this for the safety of your family and do it the right way. The company to trust with concrete removal in Huntington Beach is Junk Smiths.

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