What Do I Do With My Old Appliances?

The Easy Solution to Old Appliance Disposal

Have you recently purchased new or updated appliances? Perhaps you have some old appliances injunk removal in Huntington Beach your garage or basement that need to be removed and are just taking up space adding to the piles of junk, but you aren’t sure the best way to get rid of them. One of your options is to get Junk Removal in Huntington Beach.

Junk Removal in Huntington Beach

There are many circumstances why you may need to have an appliance removed from a property and they may include:

  • Appliances that are no longer working
  • Recalled appliances
  • Appliances with hazards, i.e., overheating, frayed cord, broken seals

Appliances are heavy, and they take up a ton of space, especially an unused appliance.  And if you are not capable to move them, you can end up hurting yourself. Luckily there are options available to help you remove your old appliances, clear the space and make room for something new.

Sell It

If your appliance is still in working order and not considered junk, then you could consider selling it. Have the buyer figure out how to remove the appliance from your property and transport it. Selling your old appliance is often a viable option. Furthermore, it ends up putting money in your pocket and solves the issue of appliance removal.

Donate it

junk removal in Huntington BeachAppliances, whether large or small, if in working order, are often accepted by local charities and resale stores. If you don’t have the means to remove your appliance to the donation station, contact a junk removal company. Junk Smiths Huntington Beach removes appliances of all shapes and sizes and is happy to deliver your appliances to local donation stations for you.

Trade it

If you are upgrading your appliances, stores will often cart away your old appliance for a small fee. Choosing this option is usually a wise choice, especially when dealing with a larger appliance.  A refrigerator for example, as you don’t want multiple appliances sitting around your home.

Junk It

If you have appliances that are taking up space in your garage, or basement than Junk Smithsjunk removal in Huntington Beach Huntington Beach can help. Junk Smiths will remove your old, broken appliances, saving you time and saving your back.

Junk Smiths conducts junk removal in Huntington Beach.  They will remove your unused and broken appliances including dishwashers, stoves, washers and dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners, water heaters, and any other appliances from your home or property whether in working order or just junk.

Junk Smiths Huntington Beach is environmentally conscience and will donate your working large or small appliances to local charities or resale store to keep as much waste out of the landfill as possible.

Junk Smiths is proud to provide junk removal in Huntington Beach area, removing junk from homes. We are here to help you reclaim your space and make junk removal fast and easy.

Contact Junk Smiths today for all of your junk removal needs.