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Your Five Step Plan to a Better Home

Home Organization and Going Junk Free

The time is now to declutter your home.  You keep waiting for your schedule to lighten up so you can clean the house then, or for it to somehow even clean itself!  Unfortunately, your home needs some help from you in order to straighten up.  While this is usually overwhelming, freeing your home of junk and clutter doesn’t have to be intimidating!  Junk Smiths has prepared some home organization tips for you.

Don’t think of cleaning in terms of your whole house.  It’s much less intimidating if you create segments in the home to focus on so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Here are five ways you can get started on achieving a junk-free home.

  1. Start with your loose paper. What’s the one thing that clutters every room in the house in one way or another?  Paper!  There’s mail on the kitchen counters, department store receipts in the bedroom, to do lists and notes all over the living room table, and countless other paper products around the house.  One of the quickest ways to get rid of paper clutter is by having a central place in the house for all of your papers.  You may want to invest in a bin or filing cabinet to make this easier.  Every time you get a bill, receipt, birthday card you want to hold on to, take it straight to your designated paper area so you never leave a mess of paper in the house.  Additionally, you may want to consider keeping a waste basket in each room so that you can conveniently throw away unwanted paper as soon as you come in contact with it.
  2. Clean a single countertop at a time. The kitchen counters accumulate tons of useless junk throughout the week.  Counters can easily be segmented into manageable areas to clean one at a time.  Pick one countertop and start organizing what’s on it, moving and throwing away things as necessary.  Don’t move away from that part of the countertop until you see the counter clearly.  While there are some items that you use regularly and may need to stay on the countertop, most things on your counters probably have a better home elsewhere.  Don’t waste valuable counter space on those items.  Your kitchen looks and feels so much nicer when you can actually see most of the countertops!
  3. Don’t be scared of your closet. While it is daunting to find the time or motivation to meticulously go through and sort the items in your closet, it isn’t anything to be afraid of!  This is actually an easy place to start and quickly find yourself throwing out more junk than you realized.  There are questions you can ask as you look through items that will make it easy to decide what to keep.  Does it fit?  If not, it’s time to go.  Is it in good condition, free from stains and tears?  If not, say good bye.  Do I actually wear it?  Hold on to it if you do, but let go if you don’t.  If you aren’t sure if you wear something enough to keep it, employ a one year rule.  Hang every coat hanger backwards in your closet.  As you wear something, you can hang it back up facing the right way.  At the end of one year, you can clearly see what you wore and what you neglected.  If it wasn’t worn, throw it out.  Routinely getting rid of items that you don’t wear or aren’t in good condition is a effective way to maximize the amount of available space you have in your closet and in your home.
  4. Budget time to invest in decluttering.  Setting aside time dedicated to decluttering is worth it.  This schedule can work however you need it to.  You can choose to set aside a full weekend every once in a while, or even just a few minutes on a regular basis.  If you choose to utilize a large chunk of a weekend to do a deep clean, take as much time as you need to and try not to lose motivation.  Asking others for help is a great way to stay motivated because you won’t be working alone.  You may find yourself boxing up a lot more unwanted junk than you realized you had.  If that’s the case, you’ll probably want to hire a professional team of junk removal experts to pick up and haul away your junk.
  5. Stick with it. Don’t stop here.  Keep up these steps and consistently make an effort to maintain your hard work.  A clean home isn’t a one-and-done task.  It’s ongoing.  You may think if you can clean it really well once, it’ll stay that way.  We both know that isn’t true.  Rather, you need to use these home organization tips as a start and keep it up as you go!  Home organization is a process, one during which you’ll need to stay motivated.  Continually look for opportunities to reduce clutter and improve organization efficiency.  You’ll be grateful if you do a little at a time, so nothing piles up eventually.

Hopefully this is a good start.  If you end up with too much junk to handle, just let our team at Junk Smiths know and we’ll set up a time to swing by and take your unwanted junk off your hands.  This guide should kick-start your home organization attempts, but you may want to look for more tips as you get deeper into your home organization project!

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