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How Our Warehouse Clean Out Services Works

Schedule an Appointment

Getting on the books is simple enough. You can either call us or use our online booking tool to schedule your appointment. We even have same-day and next-day availability.

Courtesy Calls

When we’re approaching your warehouse, we’ll give you a courtesy call so we don’t drop by unannounced. That way, we don’t interrupt you in the middle of any other business you might have.

Serving Our Community

We proudly serve our community in Huntington Beach and the other cities within Orange County. We love meeting our neighbors and look forward to making you a satisfied customer!

Hauling It Away!

No piece of unwanted junk gets left behind. Simply tell us whatever you need gone, and we’ll get it gone. Our truck has plenty of room, so there’s probably space for more.

Doing the Job Right

Some companies like to cut corners, but not us. We’re not going to rest until your warehouse cleanouts are one-hundred-percent complete. That’s our guarantee to you.


Once the job is done, it’ll be time to pay. You can settle up with cash, card, check, and even some online payment services. Contact us to check if your payment service is applicable.

Junk Removal Truck

Why Warehouse Clean Outs?

Cleaning up a mess is time-consuming enough, but what do you when it’s an entire warehouse that’s been cluttered up? With shelves, boxes, palettes galore, and more, how do you even get started on a project like that? Worst of all, your schedule’s already full, too. Don’t worry. Junk Smiths is here to help you out!

We’ll Handle the Hard Work!

With our full-service warehouse clean outs, you can focus on your day-to-day operations and let us deal with the clutter instead. We assure you we’re the best team for the job—locally owned and operated, we’ve got more clean outs under our belt than we can count. So choose experience and professionalism and pick Junk Smiths. We’ll get it done right!

Junk Smiths Property Cleanouts

How It Works

The process is simple enough. On the day of your appointment, we’ll start heading over to your warehouse after giving you a courtesy call. Then, once we’ve met up, you can show us what exactly you want out of your warehouse. From that point, we’ll be able to calculate a no-obligation quote for your warehouse clean outs. Accept this quote, and we can do what we do best—cleaning up the clutter!

Getting It Done

Our diligent and hardworking team will make sure each and every unwanted item leaves the warehouse and winds up in the back of our truck. From that point, we’ll recycle and donate any applicable goods before throwing out the rest.

junk smiths junk removal experts with junk removal truck ready to start cleanout and junk removal service

About Us

Nowadays, it feels like most businesses are these corporate monsters that care more about checking accounts than people. What happened to the days where you can work with people that you could trust? At Junk Smiths, we strive to go above and beyond and be what a business should be. During your warehouse clean outs, we’ll shine for you!

We were founded by a father-and-son duo and value our families, our friends, and our community. When we work, we’re looking for client satisfaction, not a cheap buck. That’s our promise to you.



  1. To begin, call us or book online.
  2. Next, tell us details about your warehouse clean outs when prompted.
  3. We’ll calculate a cost estimate for you, then help you choose an appointment window.
  4. When we’re on our way to your site, expect a courtesy call from us.
  5. Lastly, accept our in-person quote so we can get to work!

LIMITED TIME OFFER Save $20 When You Book Today!

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LIMITED TIME OFFER Save $20 When You Book Today!

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