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Looking for a Garage Clean out service provider in orange county or Los Angelos County? As professional junk haulers in Southern California we have the crew, equipment & junk trucks required to clear out any sized garage.

We haul all types of items & materials from the garages we've cleared out over our 4+ years in service such as household trash, old appliances, furniture, construction materials, pianos and so much more.

We Clean Garages Fast!


Garage cleanouts are certainly some of the easier jobs that we take on. And that's because with our years of junk hauling expertise we know the fastest, most efficient & safest ways to get rid of your unwanted garage junk.

We respect your time & always leave our clients satisfied with our results which is why we guarantee same-day garage clean outs at unbeatabibly affordable pricing.

With junk smiths you don't have to break a sweat to get your garage cleaned out ever again. We ensure that no damage to your property will be had during any of our clean out or junk removal processes & in the very rare and unlikely event that there is damage, you can rest assured knowing we are a fully licensed & insured junk removal company.

What we do with your unwanted garage junk

Junk Smiths owners Sean and Norton Smith are passionate about the items they pick up. Yes, a good amount of the stuff is, well, junk. But many of the things we pickup can be re-purposed, recycled, or donated. We work with several local charities taking the items you no longer need and passing them on to someone else who can use them.

Why do we do this?

The number-one reason why we re-purpose, recycle, and donate is that it’s the right thing to do. It also helps us keep the items out of the landfill. Not only is that good for the environment, but it saves us money on disposal fees.

It’s truly a win-win-win-win for you, us, the person who received your old items, and the environment. All in a days work!

Fullerton, CA Garage Clean Out

Garage Cleanout Booking Process

The neat thing about working with Junk Smiths is what might have taken you years to accumulate can be gone in very little time. We’ll make the entire process simple. Here’s what we do:

  1. Call or book online. We schedule in 2-hour arrival windows and can often get to you same or next-day.

  2. Our team will call when they are on the way.

  3. We will give you a firm quote that is based on the amount of space your items take up in our truck. It’s no obligation.

  4. We load your items and sweep up the garage.

  5. You pay by credit card, cash, or check.

  6. We take your items off to be re-purposed, donated, recycled, or disposed of.

Interested in what items we accept? Be sure to check out our What We Take page.

junksmiths' guide to garage clean outs

Our Guide for Garage Clean Outs

Most people start by putting away excess or old items in the garage, but it soon becomes a hoarding pit with almost all types of junk.

A cluttered and dirty garage makes it difficult to enjoy the space. It could also make the garage old and damaged faster than it would have, increasing the chances of dealing with pests and dust buildup.

Below is a guide for everything you should know before beginning garage organization and cleaning.

Tips For Cleaning Out A Garage

The process of cleaning out a garage can be tedious and time-consuming. However, having a plan of how to get rid of garage junk makes the process easier.

Prepare for the cleanout

This is the most important thing because it helps ensure you have the strength, time, equipment, and materials you need to complete the project. Set a day aside when there is little sun and no rain. Mild weather ensures you don't tire quickly, encouraging you to keep going for as long as possible.

You should also go and shop for everything you need for the process. This includes protective gear like masks, gloves, and overalls. Having everything ready eliminates the need to leave the cleaning process to get more supplies.

This is also the time to reach out to friends or family members, asking for help. It would be better to delegate the processes to make them go faster. For example, get the strongest people to carry heavy things in and out of the garage and the tall ones to get things off tall shelves.

Remove the junk from your garage

Cleaning a garage full of things is impossible because of limited space. It also increases the chances of damaging some items. Therefore, create a space outside to place everything you remove from the garage.

This gives you a clear image of everything you must sort through. It also makes it easier to assess and inspect the items for damage. When removing the items, try to place them in piles according to categories, like furniture, electronics, tools, etc. That makes it easier for sorting and organization later.

Clean all the surfaces

After everything is out, it is time to clean all surfaces, removing dust, debris, and cobwebs. Sweep the ceilings, walls, floor, and shelves, then wipe every surface with a dump cloth.

Follow that by mopping the floors with a mixture of hot water and vinegar or commercial concrete cleaners. Alternatively, you can pressure wash the floor to make it faster and more efficient.

After everything dries, look for places with stains from oil, rust, and other substances, then scrub them off.

Repair damages

After cleaning, you can use that time to repair any damage to the walls, floors, and ceiling. Below are some things you can do to upgrade your garage.

  • Touch up the paint

  • Repair drywall damage

  • Fill in cracks on the floor and resurface it

  • Reinforce the shelves and other furniture

  • Chalk the window seals

  • Look for signs of rodents and set traps

  • Switch out light bulbs

  • Inspect and repair exposed or damaged outlets and wires

  • Tune up the garage door

How To Organize Your Cluttered Garage

After cleaning your garage, it is time to move on to garage organization. This step will determine how neat and clean the garage will remain in the future.

Sort and categorize everything

With everything outside, it is time to go through everything you have. Below are some categories you can use to make the sorting process easier.

  • Keep- This is the pile for everything in good condition you want to keep in the garage or take to the house or office.

  • Donate- This pile contains items in good condition but not needed. When sorting them, you can break them down further into categories of the places you want to donate them to.

  • Sell- This pile includes everything you don’t want or need, but don’t want to donate either because of the condition or lack of a place to donate.

  • Repair- This pile contains items that ended up in the garage because they were damaged or got damaged in the garage but can still be salvaged. You can repair and upscale some things as they are or take out parts from other items to make new items, or repair another item.

  • Throw out- This is the pile of items that are damaged beyond repair.

Contain loose items

Invest in containers, preferably clear ones with lids. That makes it easier to see whatever is in them without disorganizing them. Unlike carton boxes, plastic containers help protect items from dust, moisture, and pests.

Create floor-to-ceiling storage solutions

This is the step where you determine where everything goes. Put up shelves, cabinets, hooks, pegboards, and wall tracks. Optimizing floor-to-ceiling spaces makes it easier to manage the area and leave as much open floor space as possible. It is also easier to spot things displayed on such storage solutions than rummaging through boxes on the floor.

What To Consider Before Hiring Someone To Clean Out Your Garage

If you have many items to sort through in the garage and need help, the best solution is to hire someone to clean out garage. However, you should research and compare to ensure you get the best garage cleanout services.

How long it takes to clean the garage out

The duration for garage cleanout services depends on how much junk you have. However, a good cleanout company will use the best equipment and workforce to complete the task as quickly as possible.

Garage clean-out pricing

Ensure you have an estimated budget of how much you are willing to pay for garage cleanout services, and look for a company around that range. However, you should understand that lower prices could sometimes mean low-quality services. Therefore, consider the company's reputation and experience because more experienced and higher-ranked companies charge more.

Are they local garage cleaners?

Working with a local junk removal company like us for your garage clean-out needs means they are close to you, translating to a fast response time and higher quality of service They'll also understand the local regulations on trash disposal.


Are you ready to schedule your garage cleanout in Huntington Beach? If so, gives us a call or book online. We are ready to serve you!  Easy garage clear outs are hard to come by, but Junk Smiths is easy to call!  Don’t worry about how to clean out your garage; just leave it to us.  Professional garage cleaning is at your fingertips!

Once we have your junk all cleared out, it’s time to check out these garage organization ideas so that you can keep it looking great!

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Based on 204 reviews
Jake and Taylor did a garage clean out for me today. It was so overfilled and too much for us to conquer on our own. They're magicians! All the junk disappeared in under 2 hours (along with the anxiety from the clutter). We have our garage back again. They came on time the very next day after I called and were friendly and professional. The prices were very reasonable. I was impressed with their work and will definitely be using Junk Smiths in the future!
Elena Geyer
Elena Geyer
01:18 17 Sep 23
Albert and his partner were absolutely amazing!! We were on a time crunch to find a place that does same day junk removal, and they saved the day! They were able to take away all of our things timely and quickly!!! On top of all that, they were both so professional and polite. We will definitely be using this service again whenever needed. Thank you!
Brittany Budd
Brittany Budd
21:30 14 Sep 23
Looked for someone to remove a couple of appliances and found Junk Smiths where I could get a quote. Filled out the request and was called within the hour. Was given the base price but told it might be more for the additional item and my items needed to be uninstalled as well. Was able to make a no obligation appointment for the next day. Received a call within the 2 hour window that they were 20 minutes out and Taylor and Ryan arrived promptly. Was given a fair quote and they proceeded to unattached and remove the two items. The gentlemen were efficient and professional.
Marcia Totten
Marcia Totten
19:46 11 Sep 23
We have used Junk Smiths many times through the years and no other company compares to the professionalism, integrity, commitment to service and...
Jim A.
Jim A.
09:35 08 Sep 23



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