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Our junk hauling crew provides same-day servicing for all junk removal requests in Huntington Beach! At Junk Smiths wehaul away trash fast and affordably. Whether it’s furniture pickup or a property clean out, we’ll meet your needs and leave your home or business junk-free.

We Are Huntington Beach’s Junk Removal Experts

Our junk removal services saves time for local Huntington Beach residents looking to dispose of unwanted trash. Junk Smiths provides a variety of expert junk removal services to suit your needs.

We have an experienced team of expert haulers ready to provide you with full-service junk removals at affordable rate. We will show up on the same day you call and on-time regardless of which service you choose.


Junk Smiths makes getting rid of junk easy! All you have to do is let us know what you need. Then, kick back and enjoy the show as we make your clutter disappear before your very eyes.

  • Receive a no-obligations estimate when you call us. Then, on your appointment day, you’ll get a firm, upfront quote at the beginning of your appointment.

  • We price based on the space your junk takes up. Rest assured knowing that we won’t saddle you with any unexpected costs or hidden fees.

  • Our full-service crew members will work tirelessly, hauling one load after another of junk to our truck. Once we’re done, we’ll sweep the floors, too.

  • Finally, we’ll process your payment and head out to dispose of the junk. You’re all done! Now you can get back to relaxing on the beach.


Junk Smiths wants to provide you with the best customer experience possible. Here are just a few of the ways we make that possible.

  • Fast. We offer same and next-day availability, meaning your home could be junk free by the end of today or tomorrow. You can get in touch with us by calling us, booking online, or visiting our Contact Us page.

  • Full-service. Leave the brunt of junk removal to us. We do all the heavy lifting and all the work for you. There’s no need for you to even hold the door open for us. We’ve got the entire process under control.

  • Friendly. Don’t employ a crew of grouches. Instead, employ our crew of courteous professionals! We are always happy to serve you, and even when the work gets tough, we’ll keep a positive attitude.


Furniture Removal

Removing furniture is no problem for us. We have hauled away beds, sofas, wardrobes, and even heavy entertainment centers. Big jobs are no problem for us!

Appliance Removal

We have experience removing many appliances from our clients’ properties. Some of these items include fridges, washing machines, dryers, ovens, and so much more.

Piano Removal

You can open up space in your living room by saying farewell to that old piano you haven’t played in years. Pianos are heavy, but that won’t slow us down one bit.

Construction Debris Removal

When working on a construction project, chances are, piles of construction waste will start building up. Need help getting rid of them? We know exactly how to help.     

Yard waste Removal

Clean up your portion of the great outdoors with a fast appointment from us. We will happily remove branches, yard brush, dead leaves, and other waste items for you.     

And many other services, too!

We handle all kinds of junk during a typical work week, so count on us to have the experience necessary to get rid of your junk, too. Let’s get started together!     

Items We Take

  • Electronics and TVs
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Clothing and Toys
  • Grills
  • Tires
  • Trash
  • Books and Magazines
  • Cabinets and Shelves
  • Old Decorations

How Huntington Beach Junk Removal Works


We know that you can’t wait to get in touch with Junk Smiths. So, why wait any longer? You can get in touch with us by contacting us online or calling us at 714-369-8886.


On the day of your appointment, you’ll know when we’re heading over because we’ll give you a courtesy call. It won’t take us long to be there!


After we have checked out all the junk you need us to get rid of, accept our volume-based quote, and we will get right to hauling away your clutter!

Junk Removal Stories in Huntington Beach

Whether you’re in need of junk hauling, hot tub removal, or even furniture removal in Huntington Beach, you can trust Junk Smiths to get the job done! Our services are lightning-fast, and you can count on our crew to be done in a flash.

In addition to that, we also do the work for a much more affordable price than the franchises can offer you. See for yourself how it works. Here are some of our stories about junk removal in Huntington Beach:

Dylan’s New Apartment

After graduating Golden West Community College, Dylan finally made the big move. That’s right—he moved out of his parents’ house and into his very own apartment! However, his excitement suddenly came to a stop shortly after showing up with all his belongings. Inside of his apartment, he discovered that whoever had lived there previously had left a gigantic mess for him to sort out! This included an old, run-down couch, trash everywhere, and even a small pile of construction debris in the corner! Dylan knew he had a lot on his plate already, so instead of spending all day sorting out the mess, he gave us a call instead. Needless to say, we were more than happy to show up the very same day to clean out his apartment for him.

Betsy’s Busted Fridge

When Betsy first moved to the Huntington Beach area, she bought a new, pristine fridge for her kitchen. As the years went by, though, that fridge slowly deteriorated—and eventually broke down. With that, it was time for Betsy to buy a new fridge to replace her old, busted one. However, she didn’t know how to get rid of her busted refrigerator, as it hardly budged for her! Fortunately, one of her friends told her about Junk Smiths, the area’s professional appliance removal business. You can imagine that it was no problem at all for us to carry away her old fridge and load it onto our truck.


Founded by a father and son duo, Junk Smiths is your go-to solution for junk removal in Southern California. With a combined thirty years of experience in the waste and recycling industry, our friendly team has all the know-how to help you with your junk removal job, whether you have a single item or need your whole house cleaned out!

  • Eco-friendly. We are committed to keeping Huntington Beach clean and green. That’s why we team up with businesses like SA Recycling to avoid generating needless waste.

  • Professional. We are not only fully trained, but we also look the part. One look at our smiling faces and our crisp, clean uniforms makes it clear you’re working with the best!

  • Ready to serve. Want a same-day or next-day appointment? We offer them so your most urgent junk removal needs can be attended to, so don’t wait to get in touch with us!

Based on 791 reviews
Based on 193 reviews
Colby was awesome. I love supporting local independently owned businesses. Colby got back to me right away via Yelp messaging. He had, by far, the best...
Alexandra B.
Alexandra B.
18:08 23 May 23
I usually don't post reviews but the service I received from this company deserves it. It first started with the manager, Sean, who was polite, willing to work with me on price and then had two movers at my door within 40 minutes. Then Jake and Alex came and gave me a fair price and within 8 minutes they were in and out. Both Jake and Alex were super friendly and knew what they were doing. The world could use more people like Sean, Jake and Alex. Very much appreciated and would highly recommend. Thank you!
Sheila Petty
Sheila Petty
23:34 16 Apr 23
Great people very friendly and helpful. They were a big help. We needed to get rid of junk and needed it to be done fast. They were the right people to call.
Lisa M.
Lisa M.
16:46 16 Apr 23
usually don't Yelp but the service I received from this company deserves it. It first started with the manager, Sean, who was polite, willing to work with...
Sheila P.
Sheila P.
16:25 16 Apr 23



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