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Full-Service Couch Removal

Junk Smiths Full-Service Couch Removal

Has your favorite couch seen its last day?  You knew this time was coming.  It’s sat through many movies, phone calls, game nights, and midnight snacks with you, but it’s time to say goodbye and find a replacement.  You will feel much better after your couch removal once your living room is free from the impractical couch that once sat there.

There are many reasons why you may need to dispose of a couch.  It’s old, torn, and no longer fits your needs; it’s time to replace it.  While bittersweet, you’re excited to shop for a newer couch to replace the old one.  Once you have a replacement picked out, you need to get this one out of the way.  However, couches are heavy and cumbersome and you don’t know where you would take it.  Luckily, Junk Smiths can help you with this task.

So, don’t let that sofa sit around any longer. Junk Smiths is proud to offer full-service sofa removal. Servicing the Huntington Beach and surrounding area, Junk Smiths is your #1 choice for your sofa removal job. Also, the process couldn’t be simpler. One phone call and our friendly staff will schedule a time for our team to come out. We typically can service you the same or next day. Once our team arrives we will remove our shoes to make sure your carpet and floors stay clean. The team will then go anywhere on your property and remove the item. Don’t worry about us damaging the walls or the floor. Our team is extra careful and we are also fully insured in case of an accident. Sofa Removals don’t have to be a headache any longer, one call and get that thing removed.

5 Reasons Why You Should Call Junk Smiths For Your Couch Removal

  1. Its easy.  All you have to do is call Junk Smiths to book our services.  Once we arrive, just point us to the couch you need to be removed and we can handle the rest.
  2. Its quick.  We know you’re impatient to get those new throw pillows, so we guarantee speedy service.  We offer our customers same or next day pick up.  Our team can be in and out in no time.
  3. It saves you from a pulled back.  Couch removals can be dangerous.  Don’t overestimate your ability to haul large, heavy items yourself.  Our well-trained and skilled teams handle large, weighty items properly.  They have the manpower and know-how to transport it safely.  It isn’t worth accidentally injuring yourself if your own couch removal goes wrong.
  4. It’s reliable.  Our team is insured and qualified to handle your couch removal needs.  We are equipped to handle whatever your couch throws our way.  If you have any questions about our services, we’re ready to answer them.
  5. You’ll love us.  Our locally operated and family-owned team is dedicated to making all of your junk removal needs easy and convenient.  We do our best so that you can focus on things that matter most to you, like finding the perfect throw pillows on Amazon to match your new couch.

When You Should Book Your Couch Removal

Right now!  If you’re ready to say goodbye to your old sofa, then we’re ready to pick it up.  To schedule a pick up time, give us a call.  With same or next day pickup, we try to work with you in the most convenient way possible.  In under 24 hours, you can be planning how to rearrange your living room without your couch in the way.  Additionally, we also provide you with a free quote on the cost of your couch removal so that you will have no surprises.

We are happy to discuss other junk removal services with you as well.  Just call us and ask!  Couch removals are just a small part of the ways we can help you in your home.  In the meantime, we can’t wait to help you clear your home of your unwanted couch and look forward to your call.

Couch Removal Pricing 

Junk Smiths offers fair, competitive pricing. A typical sofa removal will cost in the ballpark range of $125. We provide a firm price prior to beginning any work. Our prices include all taxes, labor and dump fees. Getting the best price? Don’t worry about that! We have shopped around too to make sure we have some of the most competitive pricing around. We are typically 20 % less than our competitors. Don’t delay any longer, call us today.

Where does my sofa go?

At Junk Smiths, we make our best attempt to keep your items out of the landfill. We try and find a local donation center to bring your used sofa to. Depending on the condition, wear and tear, and need your sofa will find a new home. Most donation centers around Huntington Beach will accept sofas and couches.

Don’t Delay Any Longer

Don’t wait a minute longer. Let our team of professional junk removal experts haul off the old couch for you. Our trucks are large enough to handle any size load big or small. We are a locally owned business and go the extra mile to make sure you are happy. Check out our amazing reviews on Google. We make sure that you are 100% satisfied before we leave any job. Our team is ready to take your old couch. Call us today and find out why we are the best junk removal service in Huntington Beach.

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