Garage Cleanout Huntington Beach

It’s time for a Garage Cleanout Huntington Beach! Yes, that large room on the front of your house isn’t meant to be your personal dump. It’s meant for a car! Instead you’ve got furniture, toys, old clothing, and more that hasn’t been used in years. Not to mention all the moving boxes full of stuff from when you moved into your home that’s never been unpacked. It’s time to reclaim your domain by getting a garage cleanout from Junk Smiths!

Garage Cleanout Service in Huntington Beach

Garage cleanouts are certainly some of the easier jobs that Junk Smiths does. And yes, you could do it on your own. However, why waste all that time on the weekend and risk throwing out you back when there is an option to have it all done for you in about an hour? Instead of having to rent a truck, bum a friend for help, drive to the donation center or landfill, return the truck, and more, you could simply call Junk Smiths and we will handle that garage cleanout for you!


Cleaning Out Your Garage Helps Others

Junk Smiths owners Sean and Norton Smith are passionate about the items they pick up. Yes, a good amount of the stuff is, well, junk. But many of the things we pickup can be re-purposed, recycled, or donated. We work with several local charities taking the items you no longer need and passing them on to someone else who can use them.

Why do we do this?

Number one is that it’s the right thing to do. We love owning a junk removal business because of the lives we can change. It also helps us keep the items out of the landfill. Not only is that good for the environment but it saves us money on disposal fees.

It’s truly a win-win-win-win for you, us, the person who received your old item (s), and the environment. All in a days work!

The Garage Cleanout Process

The neat thing about working with Junk Smiths Junk Removal is what might have taken you years to accumulate can be gone in very little time. We’ll make the entire process simple. Here’s what we do:

  1. Call or book online. We schedule in two hour arrival windows and can often get to you same or next day.
  2. Our team will call when they are on the way.
  3. You’ll be given a firm price that is based on the amount of space your items take up in our truck. It’s no obligation.
  4. We load your items and sweep up the garage.
  5. You pay by credit card, cash, or check.
  6. We take your items off to be re-purposed, donated, recycled, or disposed of.

Interested in what items we accept: Check out What We Take

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