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Keep or Toss? Sorting Your Junk While Cleaning

The Ultimate Guide To Removing Your Home Clutter 

Cleaning your home of clutter is never an easy thing. This is even more so when there is more than one person living in a home. The more people there are in a home, the more stuff there will be.  The more likely it is that clutter will accumulate.  This also means that it will be more difficult to clean things up.

You will need to consider the input of the rest of the household when it comes to throwing stuff out. You will need to consider whether an item has some use or value to the person who owns it before you can throw it out. To make sure that you do get rid of junk in your home, you have to set guidelines that everyone has to follow.

Each person has to clear their own space of clutter based on criteria.  This determines if an item is treasure or trash. They also have to do this in a set amount of time to ensure that all junk is cleared and ready for pickup by a junk hauler at a specified date.

How to Determine What Clutter to Toss and What to Keep

Deciding what to throw out and what to keep can be a difficult decision to make. People usually come up with a lot of excuses to avoid throwing out stuff, even though these are no longer useful to them. Sentimental value is one of the most common reasons why people keep junk around them. This reason alone can create mountains of clutter in a home, with stuff like an old straw or a battered shoebox having some value because of the story behind it.

Rules For Getting Rid of Home CLutter

Getting people to let go of stuff that is merely causing clutter can be done with a few set rules. Here are some rules you should implement to make sure that no garbage gets left behind on junk hauling day:

  • Have each person determine the value of an item by asking questions about each item. For example, if they are keeping a broken toy, ask if it can still be fixed and if it can still be used after it is fixed. 
  • Give each person a set number of items that they can consider worth keeping because of sentimental value. You can do this by giving each person a box for their important keepsakes when you start sorting through your rooms. 
  • For stuff that everyone uses, but has fallen to disrepair, ask each person if they will still be using the item if it can get fixed. If it costs more to fix, and it is cheaper to buy a new one, toss it out.
  • When it comes to clothes, set strict rules so closets can have more space for stuff that you can still use. 

There are some things that you should keep, no matter what. Old photographs, important documents, and items that are sure to increase in value over time are some examples. Antiques that have been with the family for ages.  Stuff that you know will be put to good use in the future, and items that were difficult to obtain should also be kept.

Setting a Date for Junk Removal

To give everyone enough time to sort through their junk and to get things in order, schedule your junk hauling on a day or two after your garage sale. Inform every person of the date for the pickup and give each person at least a week to finish things. This means that each person should have their boxes for the garage sale, for donating, for keeping, and for tossing all ready to go in a week.

Choose a junk hauling service that allows you to schedule your junk pick up at your convenience and not the other way around. One company that does this in Huntington Beach is Junk Smiths. You pick the time and date for your junk pickup. We arrive on schedule, ready to help you haul away your unwanted stuff. We will even call you beforehand to let you know that we are on our way.

To find out more about our services, which also includes light demolition work, you can call us at 714-369-8886. You can also get in touch with us via our email or through our contact page.

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