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Upcycling Ideas That Can Help You Reduce Your Home’s Junk

Upcycling Idea to Find a New Use For Your Old Junk

If you have not heard of the term “upcycling”, then it is probably time that you did. Upcycling is a term you use if recycle an item into something else. This makes an otherwise useless piece of “junk” usable, thereby reducing the amount of trash that you dispose of from your home.

Upcycling has become one of the go-to solutions of eco-aware individuals who want to declutter their homes. Instead of throwing away stuff that they no longer need, they think of ways to turn these into useful items that they can either use at home or sell online. This helps them do what they believe is helpful to the planet while at the same time, saving themselves money or even making money in the process.

How to Upcycle Junk That You Find in Your Home

Upcycling is easy if you really think about it. A lot of stuff that you have at home can be repurposed into something else. For example, an old door that you were once thinking of throwing out can actually be repurposed into a useful desk or that old drawer can be turned into a unique corkboard and bulletin board with frame. The possibilities are virtually endless and the only thing standing in the way of what you do with these is the limit of your imagination.

Upcycling is merely the art of seeing an item in a different light. When you realize that something as trash and ready for the landfill can actually be something else, you can do a lot of good. Create items that you and your family can use, which can help you save money.

You also get to help save the environment since one upcycled item equates to one less item thrown in a landfill. You have to remember, the amount of trash that people have been throwing out in the past few years have grown into an island the size of France. If you can help reduce the amount of waste to this already gigantic pile with upcycling, all the better.


To help you start out on your upcycling journey, here are some ideas you might find useful:

Crates and rope 

You can create rustic looking decorative boxes for your home by taking old crates (or even cardboard boxes) and wrapping these in the rope. The inside of these boxes can then be covered with a fabric liner (which you can make using old blankets or old shirts) and these can be used to hold magazines, knick-knacks, and can even be used to hold laundry. You can also make smaller ones of these which can be placed on coffee tables to hold candles or other small decorative items.

Old colanders 

This you may have seen a few times already, but it is still worth mentioning. Colanders that you no longer use in your home, you can use it to create hanging planters. Simply tie ropes on the handles or sides of these draining bowls, fill with soil, and add the plants that you want, preferably those that look great when hung from the ceiling.

Wooden crates, paint, and wooden planks 

These are probably some of the most useful junk you can find in your home, not to mention the most versatile. You can create almost anything with these materials in your home. Make a bench with shoe racks underneath with a couple of crates, two planks, some paint, and one or two old pillows. You can also create unique-looking shelving with crates and planks. Paint them over to make them look cleaner and more put together.

Old ladder 

If you have an old ladder that is too rickety, you can use this to create a rustic looking bookshelf. If you have two of these, you can turn these into a longer bookshelf with the help of some wooden planks. You can also turn it into a decorative holder of plants and figurines.

These are just a few ideas that you can start with when you decide to clean out your closet or attic. Of course, not everything you find in your storage can actually are still useful by others. There will always be stuff that you will need to get rid of in your home. When you do spring cleaning and you have items that you need to get rid of, what you need to do is to call a company that specializes in junk removal services to help you.

In Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas, the company to trust with your junk hauling needs is Junk Smiths. We are a company that specializes in environmentally friendly junk hauling. Our process includes numerous steps such as donating, recycling and repurposing before anything is ready for a trip to a landfill. We also deal with light demolition work and concrete removal needs of our customers.

To find out how we can help you with the junk that you cannot repurpose or reuse, simply call us 714-369-8886 or contact us via our contact page.

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