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Storage units can be a major chore to take on by yourself. Our professional team of junk removal experts take on the hard work for you. We provide affordable storage clean outs with same-day servicing to our amazing customers in Orange County & Los Angelos County.


When storage units are overtaken by junk, you’re left with an overwhelming mess. Sometimes, they just fill up on their own over time. Don’t fret. Junk Smiths can help you out with our professional storage unit clean out services. 

We Take All!

We’re your local junk removal artists. We’re basically Da Vinci, but if Da Vinci hauled junk instead of making paintings. With our experience in hauling all sorts of junk (see our What We Take page for more info), you can count on us to make short work of that storage unit. Before too long, it’ll be back to normal again.

Junk We remove from storage units

We Haul it all

Furniture (e.g. sofas, chairs, tables, dressers, mattresses)

Electronics (e.g. TVs, DVD players, gaming consoles)

Appliances (e.g. refrigerators, stoves, microwaves)

Clothing and textiles (e.g. clothing, bedding, towels)

Personal items (e.g. books, photos, keepsakes)

Tools and equipment (e.g. power tools, gardening equipment, bicycles)

Office equipment and supplies (e.g. desks, chairs, filing cabinets, paper)

Sporting goods (e.g. golf clubs, tennis rackets, camping gear)

Toys and games (e.g. board games, dolls, action figures)

Decorative items (e.g. lamps, vases, artwork)
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Our Simple storage unit clean out Process

When we show up to the location of your storage unit, we’ll take some time to assess the job before we provide you with an upfront, no-obligations quote. Once you’ve approved this, we begin sorting through the contents of your storage unit. We’ll help you decide what’s good to keep and what’s good to be recycled, donated, or disposed of. 

Does that sound like a good plan to you? Then don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment today. Simply call us or schedule online to start the booking process. Our reps will be happy to give you a cost estimate for the job and find a convenient appointment day for you.

Understanding The Basics Of A Storage Unit Cleanout

Storage units are handy when you have excess items from home or work to store. They are also great places to store items when downsizing or moving from your home or office.

However, it is easy to forget about the storage unit, turning it into an abandoned place with every kind of junk. That increases the chances of damaging your items and attracting pests like rodents and termites.

When this happens, it is time to plan a storage unit cleanout. Other times you might want a storage unit cleanout is when you just acquired a new storage unit or if you own a storage unit but the person renting it has not claimed their things for a long time.

Below is a detailed guide to some essential things you should know about cleaning out a storage unit.

Average Cost Of a Storage Unit Cleanout

There is no universal answer regarding how much you will spend cleaning out a storage unit. Different companies have different pricing methods, meaning different prices in the long run.

Most companies give a price quote that includes loading, hauling, recycling, or disposal fees. The price also depends on the volume of items you want cleaned out or the number of storage units you are dealing with.

Prices in different companies can also differ depending on their reputation, experience, workforce, and equipment they use.

How To Clean Out a Storage Unit

There are different ways to clean out a storage unit depending on how many items you have and their condition.

Donate storage unit items

This is one of the best ways to clean your storage unit while preserving the environment and helping needy people. Whether you are cleaning out clothes, electronics, furniture, toys, or decor pieces, there are many places that take donations.

You can contact a local thrift store or shelter or look up other local organizations that take donations of your items.

Before donating, however, ensure the items are in good shape. It would help if you also cleaned them to avoid the chances of transferring dirt or pests.

When sorting items to donate, have several labeled boxes indicating what the things are and where you want to donate them. That makes it easier for you when delivering them or when the organizations come to pick them up.

Before donating, you can have friends and family review the items to check out the ones they want to keep.

Sell your storage unit’s contents

Selling the items from your storage unit is an effective way to clear space and make extra money. There are numerous platforms to sell used things online in different conditions, like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. You can also sell the whole unit via an auction company.

Ensure you list the conditions of the items and take clear pictures when posting to increase the chances of selling. Alternatively, you can host a garage sale. You can also ask your store manager if they have the option to hold a flea market where you can sell your items.

Hire a company that cleans out storage units

This is one of the best ways to clear out your storage unit faster and eliminate the stress of getting rid of the items. Storage cleanout companies usually remove the items from the storage unit, sort the things, clean the storage unit, organize the items you want to keep, and dispose of the ones you don't want to keep.

When hiring a storage cleanout company, consider their experience, expertise, cost, disposal methods, cleanout durations, customer reviews, and whether they are a local company.

Clean out the storage unit yourself

If you have a few items in your storage unit or are not in a hurry to clean it out, you can take on the project. Here are tips to help you make the process easier and faster.

Take inventory

Go through everything in the storage unit and write down everything on a list in categories, for example, toys, furniture, electronics, appliances, and clothes. That makes it easier to track the items and sort them.

Get help

Cleaning a storage unit alone can be challenging, and it increases the chances of you stopping halfway and returning days later. With people to help you, you will have the necessary motivation, making the job go by faster.

Get friends and family members to help, and assign each of them a role in different steps, to ensure no delays. Also, it is better to get more help than you need.

Create time and get all the supplies

After understanding how many items you have and the people willing to help, assign a day with calm weather for the project. You should also have all the necessary supplies, like boxes, cleaning supplies, and protective items like gloves and masks.

Create space and sort the items

You can create a working space inside the storage space or move the items outside. A large working space makes working more manageable and reduces the chances of damaging or breaking objects. Next, sort the things in the unit into the ones you want to keep, sell, throw away, or donate.

Clean the storage unit

Remove the cobwebs, sweep the walls and shelves, and mop the floor. Ensure you use commercial cleaning products to remove dust and stains.

Do Storage Units Have Cleaning Fees?

This depends on the storage unit and the person renting it out. Some people charge cleaning fees to cater for cleaning services after you leave the unit. This fee is usually requested as you get the storage unit.

However, if you leave the storage unit in the same condition you found it, some renters might give it back partially or in full.

Therefore, before renting a storage unit, go through the contract or cost breakdown to ensure a cleaning fee is included. If not, ask about it to avoid being blindsided when emptying the unit.


Junk Smiths is a locally owned and operated business that prides itself on quality service at an excellent price. Founded by Norton and Sean—a father and a son—this family-owned company finds value in the local community and its people. 

Keeping Things Local

Our local roots are why we strive to outdo the national chains. We don’t need to send money to some corporate office halfway across the country to get great work done. You can find it right here in town and keep the local economy churning! 



storage unit clean out shouldn’t have to wipe out your wallet. With Junk Smiths, you can get an inexpensive price for the services you need, and that’s something you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. We’ve got both professionalism and reasonable prices. It’s basically the best of both worlds, really!

Our jobs are priced according to the volume of junk that winds up in our truck. Plus, our upfront quotes always inform you about the final price before we even begin working. What if we wind up overquoting you? Simple, we’ll rebate the difference. Anything to leave you satisfied.


Based on 842 reviews
Based on 204 reviews
Jake and Taylor did a garage clean out for me today. It was so overfilled and too much for us to conquer on our own. They're magicians! All the junk disappeared in under 2 hours (along with the anxiety from the clutter). We have our garage back again. They came on time the very next day after I called and were friendly and professional. The prices were very reasonable. I was impressed with their work and will definitely be using Junk Smiths in the future!
Elena Geyer
Elena Geyer
01:18 17 Sep 23
Albert and his partner were absolutely amazing!! We were on a time crunch to find a place that does same day junk removal, and they saved the day! They were able to take away all of our things timely and quickly!!! On top of all that, they were both so professional and polite. We will definitely be using this service again whenever needed. Thank you!
Brittany Budd
Brittany Budd
21:30 14 Sep 23
Looked for someone to remove a couple of appliances and found Junk Smiths where I could get a quote. Filled out the request and was called within the hour. Was given the base price but told it might be more for the additional item and my items needed to be uninstalled as well. Was able to make a no obligation appointment for the next day. Received a call within the 2 hour window that they were 20 minutes out and Taylor and Ryan arrived promptly. Was given a fair quote and they proceeded to unattached and remove the two items. The gentlemen were efficient and professional.
Marcia Totten
Marcia Totten
19:46 11 Sep 23
We have used Junk Smiths many times through the years and no other company compares to the professionalism, integrity, commitment to service and...
Jim A.
Jim A.
09:35 08 Sep 23



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