Construction Debris Removal in Huntington Beach

Full-Service Construction Debris Removal

Junk Smiths is your go-to company for Construction Debris Removal in the Huntington Beach and surrounding areas. Regardless if your a large construction company or just doing a small D-I-Y project.

Construction Debris Removal

Junk Smiths has expertise, knowledge, and tools to tackle any size job. Junks Smiths is a full-service junk removal company which means we do all the heavy lifting for you. Unlike dumpster rentals where you need to load all items yourself, Junk Smiths will handle all the labor for you. We are a cost-effective alternative option for those that can’t leave a large dumpster in their yard for weeks. You don’t have to let that ugly dumpster sit in front of your home anymore. One quick call to Junk Smiths and we can have all that debris removed before you know it. Junk Smiths offers full-service construction debris removal in the Huntington Beach and surrounding cities.

Construction Debris Removal for the D-I-Y Project

Have you just finished a kitchen remodel or bathroom project remodel? All those old cabinets and flooring need to go somewhere. Don’t let a mess of construction debris ruin your finished remodeling project. Junk Smiths has a full-size junk removal truck that is equivalent to about 6 pickup trucks. Our team can arrive on site usually on the same day. Our uniformed team members will load up all the debris into our junk truck while you sit back and relax. Junk Smiths even has the tools to do light demolition work too. We can come on site and remove that old carpeting or kitchen cabinets to help jump-start your project.  We handle most light demolition work and the best part is we haul the junk when we are done. Junk Smiths is your one call for your construction debris removal job.

Large Construction Debris Removals

Junk Smiths is proud to work with local construction companies as a dumpster alternative. We offer weekly or bi-weekly pickups depending on the size of the job. Junk Smiths will arrive on site, gather all the building materials left by your crew and dispose of all used construction debris. Don’t take away time from your guys on site, let the pros at Junk Smiths do all the debris removal for you. If you have a large construction debris removal job, call us today to discuss competitive pricing options.

One Call Away and We Haul Away

Let the expert team at Junk Smiths handle all your construction debris removal. We are a family owned business that takes pride in our work. We work quickly, efficiently and safely on all job sites; our team is also fully insured. You no longer need to worry about what to do with all your construction debris removal. We offer competitive pricing, our prices are much lower than the national franchises. Call us today to discuss your Construction Debris Removal project or questions. If you have a small or medium debris clean up don’t forget to save $20 and book online today!