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The Four Things In Your Home to Get Rid of Right Now

Declutter By Getting Rid of These Four Things

If you’re feeling cluttered, Junk Smiths might be able to offer some advice!  If we know anything, we know junk.  And we know that you probably feel like you have too much of it.  If you want to cut back on some of your messes, we know four things that you already have in your house that you should get rid of.  These home organization tips could make decluttering a breeze.

1. Expired Food

It’s gross, but it’s true.  There’s almost a guarantee that there are foods in your pantry and fridge that may no longer be safe to eat.  One way to clear up space in your kitchen is by finding these foods and disposing of them.  A good way to do this would be to use your kitchen table to sort and organize your foods.  Lay everything that was in the cupboards or pantry on the table and put each item away.  So, not only will you encounter all of those old crackers from 2008 you forgot about, but you’ll also be left with a more organized kitchen!

2. Clothes You No Longer Wear

This one is pretty obvious, too.  If your closet looks anything like ours, we know that there are probably items in there that you haven’t worn for years.  We’re all guilty of this!  Dedicate a day or weekend to sort through every item of clothing that you have.  That’s right.  Every piece.  We recommend pulling it all out of your closet and dresser drawers so you can see how much you really have.  While sorting, ask yourself a couple of questions to determine if you should keep the article of clothing.  First, ask if it still fits.  If the answer is no, don’t try to rationalize keeping it.  Toss it!  Second, ask yourself how recently you last wore the item.  If you don’t frequently wear something, it might not be worth keeping.  It just takes up more storage space.  If you haven’t worn an item in the last year, we think that should be an automatic toss.

3. Outdated Electronics

Every year technology changes.  Technology is constantly and rapidly evolving.  That means that often times we buy a new electronic and it becomes outdated far too soon.  You aren’t alone if you’re guilty of having a drawer filled with old remotes, cell phones, MP3 players, broken digital cameras, and more.  Most people have countless electronics they haven’t parted with even if the electronic is no longer compatible with today’s technology and no longer serves a purpose.  However, this is a great way to free up your “junk drawer” and that shelf in the basement with your old desktop computer from 2006.  When getting rid of electronics, don’t simply leave them in the trash.  These items often contain hazardous chemicals that could release toxins in a landfill.  Consider e-waste recycling instead.

4. Paper

Do you have boxes and boxes filled with family photo albums?  And a corner somewhere dedicated to your magazine subscriptions?  A lot of these items we think we need, but we can actually replace with digital copies.  Most newspaper and magazine subscriptions already offer digital subscriptions that you could switch to.  Additionally, you can easily scan all of your family photos and keep them safely in one place.  You’d be amazed at how much space you could save by scanning your pictures and switching subscriptions to digital.  Here are some tips that might help make the process of scanning your photos easier.

It’s possible that you also hold on to other paper items, such as receipts and old mail.  A lot of these can be trashed or recycled easily.  Think about what you actually need to keep and what you can do without.  If you like to hold on to mail or receipts, you could use your scanner to digitize those items, too.

Be Clutter-Free Today

Why wait?  Start with these four home organization tips and see how much more space you’ll be free up in your home.  After going through this list, decide what other categories of household items might be beneficial for you to sort through.  You will feel so much better if you’re able to cut down on some of the clutter that fills your home.  As always, if you’re overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you decide to get rid of, you can always call Junk Smiths.  Our team can come out and load those piles up in no time!

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